ComfortCraft Model 800


"Model 800 STP"

We Made it Bend…and Revolutionized the Industry!

Face Up

Since 1995, professionals have been discovering all the benefits the Model 800 has to offer both the client and the therapist, including the mid-split bend, the sliding headrest, and the Type 10 cutout top. By changing the way therapists position their bodies, these electric tables are saving backs—and careers.

Back-Saving Ergonomics

The Model 800’s mid-split bend puts patients in a relaxed position so therapists can open the back area with little effort. The smooth, electric powered mid-split design dramatically improves treatment because the patient’s back is immediately taken out of compression as it is on flat tables. Effortless ergonomics are easily obtained using the cutout in the pad to step in close to the body, allowing therapists to use their own weight, not their strength. This reduces the work effort, while increasing energy levels. James Waslaski demonstrates the use of the mid-split to open the side of the body by supporting the body with the sideline pillow set. The therapist can then open and lengthen the body with comfortable strokes. The head pillow in the sideline set aligns the head with the body, which gives the patient total support, helps the release, and aids in the relaxation of the body.


Get the Mechanical Advantage!

By dropping the headrest down, the therapist has the ability to move the head in any direction, which aids in releasing and relaxing the neck. James Waslaski’s ergonomic position, forward with arms parallel to floor, assists in his support of the head and the ease with which he can work.

Using the protractor, the therapist can control the angle of deflection from 0 degrees to 40 degrees, allowing for all types of body relaxation. A flat table can often aggravate lower back problems, since the body is in low back compression when lying flat. The angle of 9 degrees allows the body to relax into a comfortable neutral position. The armrest supports the arms in various positions and allows the patient to adjust position during treatment for maximum support and comfort.

When the back starts to open up, the head must have room to move forward without being jammed into the face pillow. Using the new sliding headrest, the face rest floats during treatment, allowing the patient to receive maximum benefits. The figure to the left shows the amount of head movement available.


The Model 800 table consists of the following: Height adjustment from 16 ½” to 30”, Power Mid-lift ( 0 – 40 Degrees), featuring Custom Pad-Lock System, fully adjustable Sliding Headrest with a 2 ½ in.vertical adjustment that moves with the Power Mid-Lift, Large Head pillow, Super Soft Ultra Leather Face Pillow, removable/adjustable Armrests, mounted protractors, and two sets of Soft Touch Foot Controls.


Building a Model 800 STP Package