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Tax Credit

Learn how to receive up to $5000 back on your tax returns through purchasing one of these amaing tables.

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Tax Credit

Step 1 - How to Use IRS Tax Form 8826

Package Price   $6,450
Minimum amount for tax credit   -$ 250
Divided by 50% =   $3,100

Step 2 - How the Normal Equipment Write-Off Works

Package Price   $6,450
Minimum Direct Credit (above)   $3,100
Multiply Your Tax Rate 28%* =   x .28
Equipment Write-Off Amount from section 179   $938
*28% tax rate used as an example. Rates may vary from 15% to 38% based on your tax bracket.  

Step 3 - Calculate Your Total Tax Relief

Add Direct Credit sec 44 (step 1)   $3,100
Plus Equipment Write-Off sec 178 (step 2)   +$938
Total Tax Relief   $4,038

Step 4 - Subtract Your Total Tax Relief from Original Sale Price

Original Package Price   $6,450
Total Tax Relief   $4,038
Your Cost of Model 800 STP Package after Tax Relief
(not including shipping cost)

This credit is available according to Section 44 of the Internal Revenue Code. To qualify, the profesional's practice must meet the following requirements: 1) Annual Gross reciepts of the practice do not exceed $1,000,000 or 2) the practice employs no more that 30 full time employees during the taxable year in which the credit is elected. 3) The equipment cannot cost less than $250 and cannot cost over $10,250.
Remember to consult your tax advisor to make sure you qualify