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Model 300

Reduces Therapist’s Workload by 50%

Product Information


  • Power Mid-Split Design
  • Dual Food Controls
  • Ease of treatment without strain

The Model 300 reduces a therapist’s workload by 50% and allows the patient to relax into a neutral position during the massage. David Kent, of David Kent Seminars, shows three positional techniques available with the Model 300. Using the dual foot controls on either side of the table different body positions are easily obtained.
The patient’s position is enhanced by using the power mid-split, which helps relax the patient's body into a neutral position. Removing the headrest allows the therapist to move the patient’s head in any position, offering complete release and relaxation of the neck muscles. Using the Comfort Craft TBase Stool, David Kent has a mechanical advantage with his arms parallel to the floor, allowing greater ease of treatment without strain.

Ergonomic Table Tops

The Type 10, 30”x 68” “cut-out” top gives easier access to patient and relieves therapists' backs by reducing the need to bend over. The Type 1, a conventional top is also available and measures 32” x 72”. Side positioning allows easy body opening with low stress and little effort for the therapist. Using the Sideline Pillow Set, in combination with the mid-split feature of the Model 300, allows for natural body lengthening. Using the Power Mid-Split, the patient’s lower back is allowed to relax by raising the table nine degrees while in the prone position. This takes the compressed back in to the neutral position, which aids the therapist in treatment. With the patient in a supine position, the nine degrees supports the low back’s arch muscles and allows the body to be neutral.

Sliding Headrest

Comfort Craft has designed an adjustable, removable, sliding headrest for the Model 300. The headrest extends the table length by twelve inches. The dual sliding plates allow the head to move in and out as the body opens up during treatment. This movement allows the neck and back to decompress as needed. The raising and tilting of the headrest is done with a single cam requiring only one hand to adjust. A crescent face pillow is included with the Model 300 for working on clients in the supine position. A large head pillow is also provided for work on clients in the prone position.


The Comfort Craft Model 300 armrest has a wide range of adjustments to accommodate the varied arm lengths of clients. Utilizing the large knob located under the armrest the desired placement is easily achieved. The rotating arm pads are also adjustable and can be locked if needed. A single knob allows for easy installation and removal of the armrest.