• Ergonomic & Comfortable

    Comfort Craft has been producing the most comfortable table on the market for over 25 years. Trusted by the top body work professionals in the industry and praised by the clients these tables have revolutionized the industry.
  • Custom Shapes & Colors

    Comfort Craft has been providing custom shapes and colors since our doors opened. We want to make sure that your table fits you, your clients and even your personality.
  • Your Table, Your Way

    Whether you are working on professional athletes or diving into some bodywork, we want to make sure your table has the accessories that best fit your needs and style.
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Ergonomic Adjustable Massage Tables

Our Tables Promote Best Massage with Least Effort

Electric massage and bodywork tables have never been so ergonomically designed, strong, and comfortable. Our tables are meeting a variety of massage therapy and spa needs, from one manufacturer! Comfort Craft leads the industry with smooth, quiet equipment that reduces therapist efforts by up to 50%, as the adjustable table bends NOT the therapist!

Comfort Craft tables improve treatment results while relieving therapist strain. Adjustable heights and angles enable therapists to use mechanical advantage and their own body weight, not their strength. Cutout pads let therapists get closer to the patient without constant strain, so they feel relaxed at the end of each day!

We address the treatment needs for Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports, myofascial release, acupressure, barefoot, cranial sacral, hot and cold stone, Rolfing, lymphatic drainage, orthopedic, stretch therapy, active isolated stretching, prenatal, active release therapy, ashiatsu, structural integration, medical and St. John's neuromuscular. Accessories including stools, sideline pillow sets, linens, and more.

Each table feature dual soft-touch air controlled pedals ,sliding head rest, and all nylon bearings for ease of operation and long term low maintenance.

All Tables Manufactured in Longwood, Florida USA

Whats New?

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Since 1995
, professionals have been discovering all the benefits the Model 800 has to offer both the client and the therapist, including the mid-split bend, sliding headrest, and Type 10 cutout top. By changing how therapists position their bodies, these electric tables are saving backs & careers.

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